Bus stop

So, Dave said he is going to write an embarassing post about how I drive Zach to the bus stop. So, I thought I'd just beat him to the punch.

What's so wrong with driving the kid to the bus stop? I won't do it in the spring. It's just that it's snowing and he hasn't known anyone here. Plus, if he were to walk, once he turned the corner, I wouldn't be able to spy on him anymore. He looks so dejected when he walks home all by himself; I just can't stand it. When I pick him up, I get to see him with his new friends and hear them beg him to come to their houses to play and I get to make like we are much too important to bother with play dates, we have important things to do, after all. And he is happy when he gets in the 4Runner and we drive the 55 steps to our house.


It's freaking freezing out there and plus he's just a baby. He looks like a man, but still, he's a baby.
Dave said…
Com on! Really are you serious?!! When we spoke on the phone I couldn't keep from busting my gut! When you said that you were picking up Zach I thought at the school okay, but when you got home and it only took 2.5 seconds I again thought wow lead foot, but that isn't possible. Then you explained about the corner pick up and that is when I lost it. You also said that you packed up Kammi and got in the 4 Runner I mean all the preperation, effort, and there was no telling how many Cherokee Indians, Comandos, or water snakes you might of had to fight off just to get 55 steps for the pick up. I mean not even Rambo could have done all of that and come back alive! Way to dig down in the trenches and go the distance! I am sure that Zach likes being picked up but honestly it made me laugh pretty hard.
MamaB said…
If he had a friend to walk home with it might be different. I don't think I would let my girls walk home (although our school is about a mile away and we don't get a bus...) But still...it makes me really nervous to have them walking by themselves. You just never know. I drive my kids around the corner to their friends house...that way I know they got there and I'll pick them up too. It makes James laugh as well. But you just can't be too careful anymore. I know we have two sex offenders just on our street. Makes me nervous! So I'm with ya, Misty...I'd pick him up. Or at least walk over and get him. He's still young enough that you won't embarrass him yet!

Annie said…
i'd like to nominate you for mother of the year! you are the coolest mom ever. i'm pretty sure i would just tell them to deal with whatever it is they may complain about, and to walk faster...it'll keep you warmer.