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Dear KBUL 93.3 FM,
Stop playing Rascal Flatts every other track. I hate it. I bet everyone hates it. I bet there are no more people out there who still like Rascal Flatts. I can't stand to listen to them screech out over your frequency anymore. You know they haven't done anything good since, well, their first album. And maybe their second, and that was only because of Mayberry (I Melt sucked, everyone agrees with me). But nothing after that. Except maybe Bless the Broken Road. But everyone knows Mark Wills did a way better job on What Hurts the Most. You do too, don't deny it. Yes, we know Rascal Flatts had interesting harmonies at the beginning and our minds boggled for a while, but it has gone too far. Stop saying you will fly someone away to see Rascal Flatts in concert. No one wants to. Just stop it. Do everyone a favor and just stop.


I stopped listening to the Bull about two years ago because I couldnt stand hearing the same song over and over again. I agree with you 105%!
We only listen to KSOP because we and when I say we I mean I like hearing more than the top four songs over and over. And yes...Stop with the Rascal Flatts. We've had enough. Even Steve noticed. Just the other night he said, are they really even popular any more? And if we are being real, aren't they just a little fugly to be so poplular. Not the you have to be beautiful to be famous, but it doesn't hurt. Anyway, if you are going to listen to country, change yoru preset to KSOP.
Dave said…
THE COWBOY OR THE EAGLE by far the better of the country listening sations. You must be a preteen - teen for the bull.
Robert said…
I totally agree, 6 years ago I loved kbul, that's all I'd listen to, and 5 years ago it turned to crap. They need to stop playing taylor swift too. Don't get me wrong, she has some good stuff, but she's never had her heart broken, so stop singing about it. urgh! I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels bad about the bull. it's time to MOOOOOOove on. cleeperf
Annie said…
sometimes i have nightmares set to the tune of the jingle 'play that rascal flats song backwards'!
Emily said…
I am excited to have that feeing of being home! I am so happy for you. I love the idea of two separate vanities in the master bath. I have never seen that before. I always hated the idea of two sinks on one counter because it is the space that I need for all my junk. But two separate...Sooo cool!
I could see myself driving my kids to the bus stop too!
I have never liked Rascal Flats. They always sounded whiny to me. If I want to hear whinning I can just listen to me kids.
Bonnie said…
I hardly ever listen to the radio, just my ipod, but I love Rascal Flatts and I love every song you just said you hated. Good thing I like you a lot :)