While cleaning the toilet

So, Zach is my new toilet cleaner. His favorite chore is cleaning the bathroom, so that is his new job. I came in to check his work today, and this is what he told me:

"Mom, there's these things that look like this (makes a circle with his finger in the air) and you put them right here (points to the side of the bowl of the toilet) and they do the cleaning for a whole month! It's true! I saw it on cartoons."

Funny, they used to advertise toys and foods loaded with sugar during cartoons.

"That sounds amazing, Zach," I say with false enthusiasm.

He thinks about it for a minute. "You should ask for that for Christmas," he decides.

No way, I think. I'm getting the Wii, you can get the toilet bowl cleaner.


Mom said…
Cracked me up - thanks for sharing. I hope there is a way to store all of these great posts so you can share them with the kids in years to come.
Dave said…
Those things likt this... Misty, remember the Klondike bar he wanted, I belive his decription went as follows, "I want one of those zquare things like this (draw a square in the air) that's cold."

prepo- could be Nigerian for poop? (code word to post a comment)
Poohbear said…

Way 2 go and help UR mom....Where is Kam????? I bet she is a good helper 2..Love ya
Misty said…
To tell you the truth, Heather, Zach doesn't actually read this blog.