Tea Party

So, I'm throwing a Birthday Tea for Kamrynn. I'm super excited. Kami is moderately excited. But whatever; it's my birthday, too, right? I was going to have the girls make tea hats, but I decided to practice so I could get fast enough to help the girls, but by the time my milliner skills were up to snuff, I had made all the hats. Here, for your viewing pleasure and in celebration of the great day of Eleven, are pictures of some of the hats.

At first, Kami wasn't exactly, how shall we say it, mmmm....cooperative as a model. This hat boasts mulitcolored polka dots, which unfortunately the picture doesn't show, and the brim is made from fashionable terry cloth.
Then she started to get the idea. This is my favorite hat because it's made out of a fisherman's hat, but it turned out darling. This is not the best picture of the hat, but at least the child is smiling.
Finally, Kami started to get into it a little. I told her she should look like a princess. I guess this is how a princess poses for the camera. This hat was adorable to begin with, all floppy and stuff, but now, well, it has beads.

This is my other favorite hat because from most angles it looks like a pimp hat. But hey, free dummy.


Well well well..look who is all cutsie and momish. I love the hats. You could sell them on craigs list. Speaking of...do you guys watch Kath and Kim? Hilarious! Anywhoo...Sorry she stole your birthday. But to me, it's only your birthday.

Reember that heart shaped box you gave me for like my sixteenth birthday? It was navy blue cloth with roses and dasies all over it. I still have it, infact it is sitting right in front of me. Of all the gifts I have ever gotten in my life, it's one of my favorites. I think you gave it to me with the Allison Kraus CD's, which I also still have and love.

I guess what I am saying is that I cherish you. Happy Birthday(early).
By the way, stop making those silly hats and write us some more book. You're killing me here.
Dave said…
Lefty the pimp is probably looking for that hat.