So, today Zach and I shared the computer. While Zach watched General Lee videos on YouTube, I worked in a much smaller window downloading books from the library. It worked swimmingly.

Whenever Zach's video would end, I'd click over to his window so he could choose a new one. After he'd chosen a new one and clicked it to start, I would click back over to my window and continue browsing. After just a couple times, he started clicking back over to my window for me. I thought that was pretty clever, but what was even more clever was when he started scrolling around my tiny window (up, down, right, left) so I could see exactly what I'd been looking at. He was polite, respectful, and really talented with the mouse. Not to mention the pleasant conversation he kept up effortlessly about all matters General Lee.

I was really impressed with his ability to grasp the concept of us each having a window up and switching back and forth between the two. I was really impressed with his willingness to share with me.

This reminded me of Sunday when Annie said he seemed more like a twelve year old. Sometimes he really does. I definitely don't think of him as a five year old. I think with kids, their spirits are so much older than their bodies and if we could grasp the concept of the spirit and the body being two separate windows, be willing and able to move back and forth between as necessary, it could probably make life a little easier. Not to mention the great conversation about all matters General Lee we could be having.


Morgans said…
I would have to agree with the oldest child acting older then they are. McKynna will sometimes say things that completely surprise me and I have to think. You have such a cute little family.
Have a great holiday!
Love Ya!
chickychick1975 said…
I think that is the sweetest story. Mom/son time! I am glad Zach was polite to his mom and that you guys were able to share time with each other. excellent!
Poohbear said…
Hey Zack,

Try Bewitched or Airwolf...UR Uncle love Airwolf....Love Ya

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