The Scorpio

I got more of Norton County Sheriff, but I'm trying to finish the chapter up. So all my groupies will have to wait another day or two. Also, I'll just post a link to it, so the rest of you don't have to suffer. That's mainly you, Dave. It's so sweet how you pretend to be interested in my project shananigans, but you don't have to; I love you anyway. I'm not actually interested in anything you are interested in, either. It's okay. I don't think our marriage is in trouble because of it.

Well, politics. I followed the link on Bonnie's blog and took her online quiz about the issues. You know, the political ones. It turns out, as I commented to Bonnie, that me and Barack are like BFFs (that's best friends forever) when it comes to agreeing on the issues. Opinionally speaking, I had the very least in common with John. The results showed that if John and I were ever in the same room together, we would get into a catfight (and I would win).

This information means nothing. Mainly, I just wanted to paint the picture of me and John having a catfight (scratching and hissing) and me winning. Fists raised in the air. Misty! Invincible!

I guess what made me think of the cat fight was Kamrynn. She's got those long nails and a much meaner hiss than me, and I really think I'd go down in defeat if we were ever to fight. The funny thing is that she can be so, so nice, too. Sometimes, for instance, she will come sit on my lap and play with my hair and say, "You're a pretty mommy," and give me her special Kamrynn smile with the little wrinkled, befreckled nose. I mean it's adorable and endearing. And yet, I'm kind of scared of her when she gets mad. She's ferocious and virtually inconsolable. A true Scorpio.

So, to get back to the point and to begin the important task of celebrating our birthdays, I will now list Scorpio traits to you. These are traits of a Scorpio child, things I see in Kamrynn every day.
[A Scorpio] has the ability to sense when something is wrong. You will get bear hugs and tender touches from him when something is troubling you, even though you may have not told him the problem. He can just feel it. One of the basic personality traits of a Scorpio baby is loyalty and dedication, towards family as well as close friends.
He has an angry side and whoever dares step on his tail, remembers not to do it again in their whole lifetime.
A Scorpio child needs a congenial home atmosphere, or he might lose his usually calm self. Don't scold him without a reason and don't stop him from doing anything without giving him a logical reason
Your deep sensitivity makes you the best and the most loyal friend but the same quality makes you the most treacherous of enemies.
A great Scorpio gift is the ability to tune into the “feel” of the atmosphere, and then, in an almost magical way, predict what will happen next.
Scorpios appear oblivious to others as they go about their business. This is because Scorpio’s are never in competition with others, not for money, not for beauty, and certainly not for physical perfection. No, Scorpio’s determined nature is made all that more intense because they are in competition with themselves.
Anyway, these are some of the Scorpio traits I have noticed in Kamrynn. Some people think the Zodic is bull, but I don't.


Anonymous said…
Funny you should mention signs. My coworkers commented the other day that I am the most kicked back Gemini they've ever met. I didn't know Geminis were supposed to be uptight...

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