Nolan County Sheriff

Today is the first day of National Novel Writing Month. I have started my novel. I'm 2500 words in and fresh out of ideas. This is where you, the general blog reading public, come in. You must come up with great ideas for me to hastily write into the novel. Maybe I'll even give you credit for them. Or, here's an idea, I won't make fun of you in the book.

Here is what I've started with. The Sheriff of Nolan county gets a call at 4am to the house of his childhood best friend, Andy Dyer. This is the friend that stole his best girl and married her pert' near under his nose, and whom he himself threatened to kill during the nuptial celebration. Thing is, now Andy's toe up on the front porch with the minute hand (the arm of a bronc ridin' cowboy) of the kitchen wall clock pointed directly at the body. While the sheriff is standing with his thumbs in his armpits, staring at his long lost love through the screen of the front door, he is approached by a new-in-town reporter named Sullivan who all but accuses him of criminality.

Ready, GO. Comments, posts, doesn't matter. Just throw me out some ideas like you were throwing out the trash.


MamaB said…
No story about the Nolan county sheriff would be complete without a scandal at the county fair, right? Someone messing with Auntie May June's prize-winnin' plum preserves or something of that nature. Or something has to take place at the old swimmin' hole, a clandestine meeting of the sheriff and a confidential informant or something like that. And it just wouldn't be the same without some rusty old pick-up trucks and a drive-in theater. Sullivan could turn out to be someone's long-lost kin come back to town to cause a ruckus. I don't know...I'm literally throwing out the trash =] Found an idea worth using yet? I guess it all depends on where YOU see your story going. Good sounds like a wonderful goal!
Misty said…
Thanks! Yes! I like it all. Right now they're in the diner choking on their coffee.
Dan said…
There's gotta be some slow-minded hick that spends his nights out digging around in the woods looking for evidence of the UFO that abducted him as a child.

I picture a diner as well, with a trucker that occasionally rolls into town that used to have a relationship with the waitress out there.

The waitress needs to end up dead, and the slow-minded hick stumbles upon the evidence, but doesn't realize it for months.

There's also a neon sign that flickers a lot.

And a dog that has to wear diapers for some reason.
Misty said…
Sweet. I think I can incorporate all those things. And maybe even tweek it so no one remembers it from the X-Files.
I'm thinking a stake out in front of the reporters house. Complete with donut holes and or frozen yogert. (Not to make everything about me)

Then something exciting happens when the reporters brother-in-law (perhaps drunken) shows up and and busts him in front of the house. Perhaps some kind of scuffle which would add more undue incrimination on top of what the reporter already has on him.
Steve Sokol said…
OK--Here is where the aliens attack and all the remaining, alive human charachters have to band together to keep them from destroying earth. I'm thinking a comination of Independence Day and Mars Attacks!!!. Then, a boy wizard can go to school and lean to cast spells to fight against the munchkins, who are chasing after a ring in order to destroy it. The reporter and sheriff, then, discover that the secret to the crime was documented during the renaissance in Michelangelo's paintings and scupltures, which are located throughout Paris and Rome. Finally, a high-school Vampire will capture the hearts of the girls at East High--Go Wildcats!
Misty said…
Steve, I think we may have a block buster on our hands. You should be a hollywood writer or something. Look for your plots in my book. Also, I will not be making fun of Heather, Dan, Kristin, or Steve in the book, but the rest of you supply with plot or we'll all be laughing at you. Ah hahaha!
Anonymous said…
I can critique if you want... the first two sentences are reaaaally long and kinda hard to follow. Other than that there is great atmosphere. I like the usual cattle rustlin'. I read one recently that had a whole town secretly working at growing marijuana in a cave using a nearby river to produce electricity. pretty neat.
Misty said…
If you read farther, you'll find that there are whole paragraphs that don't even take a breath. At this point they stay. In December, we revise.

So...are you suggesting Chuck and Norris be guard dogs over the town's secret marijuana crop? Or maybe Leaks, Aunt May June's bediapered dog could be the guard dog. Very interesting Russell; okay, you're good, I won't make fun of you in the book.