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Title change? I dunno. I'll put the links on the sidebar from now on.

Progress report? Oh, alright. I'm at 12,206 words, that's about a quarter of the way through. Super, until you realize I have to be halfway through by Saturaday at midnight to be on track. But, once I stop procrastinating, I barf up the words pretty easily. So, we'll see. Your encouragement is appreciated; it helps me not procrastinate. Even if you hate the story. I'm not totally committed, either, just barfing up words for barfing's sake. Even if you haven't read it (*cough*Dave*cough*), I still appreciate your encouraging words and plot ideas.

Which reminds me, currently I have the following people on my Make Fun of In the Novel list because they have not submitted plot suggestions.

Heather W.
Dave B.
And anyone else I missed that is in my link bar (spouses are exempt, I only need one idea per family to fill the requirement). You know who you are. I know you read this blog. You are the feeders and I am the barfer. Snap to.

Everyone, in the spirit of friendship is required to give me one plot idea or they will be made fun of in the novel. I thought I made that clear.


Is it weird that I secretly want you poking fun at my redneck family?
I think I will thank Russ for his input in your book. This has kept us from being made fun of and his ideas for books are always more interesting than my own.
Lisa said…
I don't know, I'm a bit intrigued to see how you would make fun of me in your novel. However, I must admit that if I tried to give you a plot line it might just give you reason to make fun of me in person! I'm just not that deep of a thinker, ya know. (Like...totally...ya That was my valley girl impression, by the way. You can use that in your story!
Misty said…

Yeah, Elisha, you squeaked by.

Check, a valley girl. Can do. Shall we name her Lorna Lisa?
Misty said…
Or Lisa Loraine? Lisa Lou? I know, Linda Lisa!
Poohbear said…
I am so sorry...I have been busy working and not feel 2 good...I will pay more attention 2 U and try 2 keep up...
Amy said…
I'm not totally sure what my assignment was for the the plot, but here it goes...
A woman in the book is really bored one day. her kids need to get out of the house so she calls her Visiting teaching companion and goes visiting teaching!! They visit all of the sisters on their list and have a wonderful time visiting and walking around the neighborhood. It was a perfect day!

*** how was it??? Let me know when you can go!! We need ot do it next week, before Holiday time!
Misty said…
The most genius plot I've heard yet. Too bad it's fiction!
I want to hear more suggestions of a title. I'd like it to lean more towards sasha some.
Misty said…
You heard the woman. Suggestions people! (or were you talking to me?)
Gary said…
Ok so what do I need to do. I don't want to be made fun of and as you know I am the most awesome brother-in-law you have so, what do I need to do?
Lisa said…
Lisa Lou is actually what my college friends call me! So if you want to use that for your valley girl it would be totally... I mean, almost like me in real life!
Bonnie said…
I think you should make fun of me in your book. A fat 30 year old virgin. What's funnier than that?
Misty said…
Check. But probably I'll just make you a carnie.