Brithday Tea

So the teaparty went over so cute. The girls all seemed to have a fun time. I think the thing they liked best was putting spoonfuls of sugar into their "tea." Here are some random pictures from the party. Sorry, Lisa, I couldn't get Briget to smile! I do have some cute frowny face with a koolaid mustache pictures, though, that I could send via email. But here are a few of the smily face pictures.Here's Kam with her doggy purse; one of the reasons we call her Paris.
Even Baby Monkey has a boa. Woo, lookin' hot, Baby Monkey!

This is one of my favorite pictures. Emma was a perfect little lady.

Pretty tolerant of the photo session.

The tea table. Once the girls realized what was happening, they were really cute with it.

One of my favorite hats, okay all of them were, even though it sort of looks like a pirate hat from this angle.

A happy birthday girl.

Craft time. After I had made all the hats, I couldn't shake the idea of doing a craft, so I just printed some teacups and let them decorate them with buttons and jewels and crayons. On the back was a number so we could determine the order in which we got to choose the hats. You'll be interested to know, I'm sure, that the pimp hat went first. (But she didn't want to, ahem, take it home with her).
Thanks for coming everyone! It was so fun and the best part is that I know Kamrynn had a really, really fun time dressing up with her friends and just having some Kool-aid together. Maybe it was silly. But I had a really fun time, too, serving them on little silver platters and calling them Madam (which they went crazy over! they loved it!) Happy MY Birthday Kami, love ya!


Gary said…
That party looks like it was a success. Happy birthday Kami and Misty
Poohbear said…
Hey Kami,

Where is my hat For the Tea Party..Sorry I missed it...I had to work this weekend....Hope U and UR Mom haave a Very Happy Birthday 2 the both of U!!!!Maybe See YA Soon
Lisa said…
I LOVE that picture of Kamy with the cupcake. That is precious! Don't worry, Bridget doesn't smile for pictures often. You'd think the pimp hat would have made her happy! I wish she would have brought it home. I tried to describe it to Jarom, but I just couldn't do it justice! The girls had so much fun. Thank you for letting them share in Kamy's special day! I didn't realize it was your birthday too! Happy belated birthday!