Things I would take a picture of if I was a 5 year old boy, in order of importance

1-The General Lee
2- Myself3- The General Lee's friend

4- My friend

5- Cell mitosis
6- My sister

7- My sister's butt, from the worst possible angle


Elsie said…
That's exactly what I would take pictures of too. How cute. Maybe you should think about getting that boy off the caffeine though - stop the shakes - his pictures look like grandmas. Have a fun day
Dave said…
Zach really is a point and click guy.
Sorta takes pictures as good as my mom. Wild and random.
mindy said…
I absolutely love the picture choices...they look quite, um, artistic?
Kristin Sokol said…
Does he spin while taking pictures?
Gary said…
Those need to go to the smithsonian Institute

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