Rejected, Denied, Shunned, Abjured

So, whomever invented Ginsing soda, hello! Where have you been all my life, baby? Not to mention twice the caffeine for my buck? Hello!

So, today we had the opportunity to check Zach out in his school environment. We thought we would surprise him and take him out for a treat after school. When the teacher blew the whistle for recess to be over, he ran fast and was the first in line. Zach is Pavlov perfect when it comes to stimuli like this, especially when not initiated by his parents. Anyway, he comes out of the school a few minutes later and heads to his bus. Bus number 6. We get his attention and he runs over, right? Still with me? We tell him, hey we're here to surprise you and take you home! He looks up at us and considers for a moment and then says:

I think I'd rather ride the bus.

And then he ran away and got on his bus.

Denied. Ouch.

Oh, man, I heard what happened to you, that was so cold! You must've felt
like crap!

No, it felt real good, thanks for bringing that up, man. Hey, my parents
died when I was ten, would you like to talk about that?


baileyfamily said…
Rem did that numerous times to me. Apparently the bus smell is just more appealing than a treat, I could never figure it out.
Mark & Margaret said…
I remember my moment. I went to Pick up Brian from Kindergarten, he walks to school, so I was picking him up and walking him home. He told me he didn't need me walking him home and would not walk with me, he walked several paces in front of me like he was embarrassed to be seen with his mom. Anyway from then on he walked home alone. Thank goodness the Crossing Guard knew our family and told me she would make sure he made across the street fine.
mindy said…
bwahahahaha!! such a 5 year old boy!! mine told me to never come to the bus stop to pick him up again. only took him 2 weeks to get to that point.
i can't place the movie reference, but it is david spade isn't it? love it.
mindy said…
just got singer, not david spade though. rather it's the sloppy joe man himself!!
Dave said…
now your a pepsi addict dependant upon the twisted need of a quick fix soda. Oh bliss. Sorry our son told us to beat it. Just growing up I guess? Thanks for the Chi-sneeze tonight that was fun with our "dates". Except I ended up wiping my dates butt.