Holy MonkeyCrap Batman, we're under construction!


Gary said…
that is wiked awesome. We are so excited for you guys.
Is monkeycrap holy? Hmmm, maybe that is why they throw it at people. They are the missionaries of the animal world!
Love the house. Wish it was for me!
Heather said…
Congrats!!! There are walls and everything. That's really great. Oh! I love your new background for your blog...! It's SO cute...
baileyfamily said…
thats awesome good for you guys! Thanks for your help when we were moving. We'll miss you guys!!
Kristin Sokol said…
Yay for houses under construction. Can't wait to see it all done with your stuff inside.

Just wait til you are inside your house and you get your first windstorm and all of a sudden you know the freakin wind is going to blow off your shingles and you don't have money to replace them.
That is the true joy of home ownership.

Note: We have not had any shingles blow off yet, but I am nervous about it everytime.
Bonnie said…
Congratulations! That's so exciting. You better have a housewarming party!
Anonymous said…
That is so great! Were are you building your home?
You need to put a picture of Kami new hair style.
Glad to hear your family is well.
Love ya

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