A busy weekend: Spiral Jetty e City of Rocks

This weekend, since we were headed up to Burley to see Dave's people, we decided to stop at the Spiral Jetty, a real Utah treat. We've heard about it, seen home movies of the long dirt road out to it, and talked about going once we had a vehicle that could make it out there, so we finally did it. Here is a picture story for you.
The road out there is dirt. It's not too bad until the last mile or two where it is pretty washed out, and then you really need a truck. Of course the road wasn't so bad that a five year old couldn't drive it.
We drove all but a quarter of a mile and then we got out and hiked in the rest of the way. It is pretty isolated, but we saw several families out there just in the short time we were there. Here is a picture of the jetty from the road.

And look, they were expecting us.

Here are my boys enjoying the day together.

Here is me in my killer hat. Oh yeah, and the kids.

Here is Zach on a curve of the jetty, exploring. It strikes me how similar this man made jetty looks to the picture I took of the boys on a little natural jetty on the south side of the lake last winter. I'll post both pictures another time.

Here is a close up of Zach experimenting.

And scientificking.

Here is what he discovered. This is salt. Taste it, it really is.

He also found this "Dinosaur Head." We didn't dispel his disillusion.

On our hike back to the 4Runner, we came across this complete set of clothing lying on the "beach." We never did see the sun-bather. Or streaker, whatever the case might have been.

Here is Kami driving us out. Watch the road, guys!

Hey, seriously, guys! Watch the road!


Then we continued on our way to Burley. When we got to our hotel, we saw the Weinermobile, complete with WEENER licence plate. Sweet.

Apparently, the weiner is now even beefier, not to mention juicier.

Inside the hotel, Zach made bedroom eyes for the camera. Then we went swimming in the pool. Brrrr. Then we got in the hot tub. Ahh....just right.

The next day we woke up and went to the City of Rocks. This is a National Reserve Park in very southern Idaho. Dave's family has a lot of fun memories here. To be honest, it looks like a bunch of rocks to me.

People from all over the world come here to go rock climbing. Here are my kids among them. Generally speaking.
So, there you have it. Didn't we have a good weekend?


MamaB said…
WOW! What fun pictures! I don't even know where to start! Cute pictures of the kids driving. Wow, they grow up so fast, don't they? =]

We've never been to the spiral jetty OR the city of rocks...looks like we're gonna have to plan us a vacation!

I love Zach's scientificking! How fun is that? He's adorable!

And the weinermobile...sweeeeet! I want me one of them!

Way to go, guys! Sounds like a fun, fun weekend!
How very intersting. I as you know am very interested in the spiral jetty. Speaking of Mr. Jackson we should go back and see him sometime. I wonder what it would be like to meet him as an adult?

Also I burnt my lip on a hot pocket the other day and it still hurts.
Poohbear said…
Glad U all had fun so did I....
Glad 2 see U all
baileyfamily said…
You rock that hat Misty. Burley now thats what I call a vacation. Good times!!
Dave said…
Kam the leisure driver, dresser, eater, and most relaxed lazy person I know. Just enjoys the fact that life maybe happening but by darn I am going to finish this soda. Gotta love the fact that priorities are what they are with her. Glad we didn't find a visual sign of the streaker, who knows it could have been a Yeti?