Kami and Zach

I don't do a lot of posts about my kids. I try not to anyway. I try to be a person of my own right whose identity is not dependant on how cute or smart or naughty my kids are. But today, I've got the goods on both of them.

A few months ago Zach or Jacob or perhaps Kami herself cut a big chunk of hair off abover her left ear. At first I thought she had it in a clip and I thought it was really cute until I could see that in fact, no, it was not in a clip. So that night I sat her in front of the mirror in my bathroom, gave her some makeup to distract her, got out the scissors and went to town layering and layering to match the Great Clip of '08.

Some of you may remember this haircut. Once I started layering and taking the weight off the back, all these gorgeous curls popped out. When she lets me brush it and spray it and gel it, it is really cute. However, Kami does not allow me to do this very often. She screams like the little banshy she is whenever I try to fix her hair.

Well, it's grown out and today I'd had enough of the pauper look, so we went to the haircut store. Drown rat, okay, shaggy dog, okay, hit with the ugly stick, mmm...okay, ragamuffin.....okay. Pauper, not so much. Well, we go in and she sits calmly. She even climbs up in the chair by herself, which is amazing for her because I don't know if I mentioned this, but she is a freaking cry baby when it comes to haircuts. Lady starts cutting and bam, she is in hysterics. Lady cut fast. I felt so bad, I actually tipped Lady 100% of the cost of the haircut. That's the amount of hysterics which we all endured. If I had the money, I would have tipped everyone in the Tooele Great Clips at 9:30 this morning.

So, Zach and Jacob and I are enjoying a rice crispy treat this afternoon. I gave one to Zach and split one with Jacob, because I didn't know if he would like it. He did, but half a treat seemed to be enough for him. Half was not enough for me, so I had another one. So we have three treat wrappers sitting beside us. Presently, Zach finishes his treat and looks at me and says,

"Mom, if we have three wrappers and we add one more, then that would equal four wrappers."

So he is paying attention during all my spur of the moment math lessons! Yahoo, go Supermom! But that is not the point of this anecdote. I chucked him another treat, in the wrapper (to make a total of four wrappers you see), and tada! Happy as a clam. That, my friends, is communication at its finest.


Poohbear said…
Cute kids....Where is my rice crispy treat????? I have been kinda good!!!!!!!
I wanna see pictures of the hysterical hair cut.