Isn't that some kind of music term?

So, this morning I slept through my alarm and didn't wake up until 7:58. Bus comes at 8:09. Can I just say Zach deserves a gold star on his forehead? He was up, dressed, and out the door in about six minutes. It's an understatement to say I am not a morning person, so I admire Zach all the more for being able to face each day with optimism and cheerfulness. It takes Zach about 3 seconds to get his bearings on waking up, and then he is the most pleasant little guy. Of course, this pleasantness deteriorates through the day. But thanks, Zach, for making what could have been a hectic morning (ie rushing for the bus, or me fighting traffic at the elementary school in my jammies) into a calm start to a good day. Love ya, bug.

Kamrynn has been getting up early with Zach. This would be fine but, like me, she is a night owl. She is not getting enough sleep. Er wait...I'm not getting enough sleep. But this morning, drum roll please, she slept in! That is until her friend rang the doorbell multiple insistent times. I told her to beat it. Okay what I actually said in my nice Kamrynn's mom voice was "She can't play right now, honey. See you after a while." Curse you AquaScum! (skip to minute 7)


Heather said…
What is it with morning people! I'm NOT one of them, but I have a couple of girls that are. It sure makes it nice when it's time to get ready for school. Way to go Zach!
Poohbear said…
Way to go Zach!!!!! U need to ask santa for sa alarm clock.....then U can wake Mom and Dad.....

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