Burley Rodeo

So for nine years we have been planning to go to the Burley Rodeo. Some people plan cruises. Some people plan to go to Disney Land. Not us. We finally made it to the rodeo.Here we are waiting in line for the tickets.
And waiting

And waiting.
And waiting.
And waiting.

Then we finally got into the arena. Here are the kids kicking dirt while we, you'll never guess, waited for the rodeo to begin. That's shitkickiin' to all you uninitiated.

Aha. Here is a bareback mustang rider.

Here he is after he got a jar of nuts. I mean his nuts jarred.

Here is one of the guys that roped the livestock and herded them out of the arena when they were done bucking their cowboys off. It took him about ten minutes to rope the first one, but he got quicker after that. I like his chaps.

Here we are eating icecream after halftime. At least I think it was halftime when the the Sheriff's Posee came out and rode horses around in formation for about twenty minutes. This was the time when Dave took Kamrynn to the Cowboy Hilton, oka the bathroom.
I also have pictures of the rodeo clown , the cow riders, and the bull-fighter, but I got tired of uploading pictures.
So there you have it: the Moncur family at the Cassia County Rodeo. Who knows what we will tackle next.


Annie said…
i think it has been years since i have been to a rodeo...that is the only rodeo i have ever been too!!! my favorite was when zach said he was allergic to idaho! maybe now you can plan for a cruise! there is a lot less dirt, and a lot more sand!
MamaB said…
Sounds like fun! There is a rodeo across the street from our house every year. We have lived here eight years and we have yet to go to the rodeo. We suck! I think the last rodeo I went to was with Grandma and Grandpa Brinkerhoff and Uncle Kelly was riding. It's been a while.

Glad you had fun. Sorry about the waiting part, though. It sucks waiting with little kids. They have even less patience than I have! Way to go do something out of the ordinary! That's awesome!
Dave said…
you absolutely loved all the shee-ot kicking. Well maybe just the ice cream? I had fun going to something I enjoyed as a kid. Things are always better remembered when your a kid.
Chiizukeki said…
Don't tell Annie this, but could you imagine waiting in line like that for ONE 30 second ride at Disneyland? This way you got a whole day of fun, and for the same price as one day in Disneyland you could go to the rodeo every year until Zach has kids his age.
Gary said…
I agree with Dave. the Rodeo and fair was somthing that us kids loved and couldn't wait till the next year. my favorite was a little place by the exibits, (the ambulance parks there now) but when the exibit was there I could get a pair of handcuffs that were made of metal and lasted all year and the next I could get a new pair that cost a dollar ahhhhh the good ol days. when we were there Saturday it brought back so many memories and I am so happy that you and Dave and the kids could come and share in it.
Mom said…
Misty, you are as creative with pictures as you are with words. Those waiting (and kicking) pictures are absolutely priceless. I really enjoyed the rodeo growing up maybe because I went with MY grandpa and grandma. One of my most favorite/unfavorite memories of rodeo was seeing the actor who played Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke - it was fun to see him but he was so not nice to anyone - very grouchy. Anyway, this will be a fun memory for the kids.
Yeah, up loading pictures takes forever and a day. What is up with that?
Dave said…
you liked it and you know it. Nothing like a bunch of manly rodeo queens.