So Sherilyn tagged me. A part of me thinks these games are silly, you all know that part, but a secret vulnerable part of me always kinda wanted to get tagged, you know...inclusion and belonging and acceptance and all that. Anyway, so I guess I will answer these questions, but I reserve the right to perhaps leave some unanswered (every good poet knows it's about what you don't say) or else just be blatantly untruthful. Here goes.

3 Joys:

1-You know, I always did enjoy playing the piano.
2-I'd be such a retard if I didn't say my family brings me joy. This includes so much, from sitting around mom and dad's on Sunday evenings, to holding Kami's little hand, to watching Zach do the monkey bars for the first time, to laughing so hard with Dave until I cry and he makes fun of me for it.
3-One of the constant influences in my life has been writing, poetry, lyrics, and literature. These have never failed to bring me joy when I've needed it.

3 Fears:

1-Swimming pools, lakes, rivers, drowning, someone I love drowning.
2-Calling people on the phone. Saying the wrong thing to someone.

3 Goals:

1-Finish school.
2-Finish my book and a zillion more.
3-Oh wait, first I have to learn to write one.

3 Obsessions/collections

1-I have a bunch of porcelain dolls. I still like them.
2-I'm getting a pretty mean collection of romance novels. Some of them are trashy. Some of them are actually pretty good. I can't stop reading. I don't even want to.
3-I have a collection of ancient artifacts that I secretly pilfered from native sights.

3 Random/surprising facts

1-One time, when we were wrestling in college (I don't know why we did this), I heard a snap and thought I had broken my neck but it turned out that it was my toe.
2-I can blow up balloons with my nose. But don't tell anyone.
3-The only time I internet dated was once in college when I was home for the weekend, Jason Wardle was showing me how easy it was to pick someone up online and he scored me a date the next weekend with this guy who went to my school. He wasn't very interested after I told him he'd been hit on by a guy.

I can't remember the rules I am supposed to spout off, but basically you just answer these questions on your blog. I am tagging:
Heather M.
Heather B.
Ann M.
Dan P.
and Dave M.
(can men be a part of this? I bet it turns out funny)


Dave said…
is this some sort of duck, duck, goose game that I just don't understand? Usually a tag game has a safe spot. What if there are no safe spots?
Annie said…
i'm so with you on the fears...i'm always afraid the drain in a swimming pool, or even hot tub for that matter, is going to suck me in. i saw it in rescue 911 once. freaked me out!
Morgans said…
You are so cute, I am so glad you did this even though you didn't want to. I don't usually do this, but I thought it would be fun to express my feelings.
Your family is so cute. We do need to get together more to help our children get to know each other better.
Love ya,
Erika W said…
I knew my husband was a total player and womanizer before I came along, and while we were dating, for that matter. But I had no idea he was also picking up dudes over the internet. Kinda scary. If he starts wearing my clothes and baking pies, I might get a bit nervous. I'll probably blame it on you, too, and that night long ago when he wrote sweet nothings to a man in your name.
MamaB said…
I updated my blog with my answers. Thanks for the chance to do that. I didn't want to, but it was really fun! Thanks!