The Internet Was Right

It's true, the internet was right. It said my bird would go away after a few weeks, and it did.

Are you sick of hearing about the bird? Honestly, I was sick of that bird, too, so we're even. At least, I, in writing about the bird, have not tried to peck your eyes out while you got your mail.

I only have two regrets. One, that the mama bird got nailed with a small stone from a slingshot. But though we still have feathers on our roof, I think she is okay. Two, that I didn't get to intentionally defacate on the bird (gross, Misty you're a sicko. Hey, it's not my fault, it's living with Dave for seven years what did it)....(do you guys ever talk to yourself? I thought that it was my rational self talking to my irrational self, but now I think it might be the other way around).

Not to change the subject, but (oh gosh, I can hear the applause, no wait, it's a collective sigh of relief)...(but haha, don't get too excited because I'm changing the subject to Zach)...(yes, the familiar groan of the agonized) lately Zach wants his stack of pancakes with strawberries on top.

Which reminds me...who is supervising the kids?


Poohbear said…
I am very happy the bird is gone too...I think we have one in the tree....I am happy because soon I can eat freash tomatoes and peas...
yes I do agree....ZACH HAND OVER THE PANCAKES.....Love ya Heather
Dave said…

I would hope that you are comfortable with the fact that you didn't get to poo on the bird. The bird has clearly left a scar upon your memory. I too wish that I at least got a chance to punch the filthy animal, maybe bend its beak so it would be a muffled "Kaka"! Oh well, at least now we can destroy the nest before they come back, let's go light a fire.
Heather said…
so i haven't had a chance to read your blog lately... and i started with this post... which utterly confused me. you want to intentionally defecate on a bird? What the??? But then i read on... and laughed my head off. Haha! Sorry but you crack me up.
Bonnie said…
Well, maybe your birds came to see me. :(
I guess I should blog about that.
baileyfamily said…
I'm gonna miss the bird stories, but I'm glad it won't be harassing you anymore.

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