I'm free!

The bird is gone. Well, leastways, I haven't seen him in one and a half days. I got my mail yesterday and I didn't get accosted by the bird. I sent the kids out back to play in the sandbox this morning and they didn't get molestered by the bird. Good signs.

In other news....Oh wait, there is no other news. Well, to be brutally honest, the laundry is piled up again in not one great big pile, but in three great big piles. The good news is that one of them is a clean pile. The bad news is that it doesn't look like it will get folded anytime soon. How can I know that for sure? Oh, I know.

Also, I would like to recommend Dove conditioner to everyone. I cannot say enough about this conditioner, but I probably already have.


Dave said…

the bird is vaa-moose! We are free of the terror. What is with the neighborhood kid coming to our house uninvited and taking a dump and asking for more toilet paper?
Dave said…

I tackled the laundry, well the washing and drying part. I am in the middle of the folding part now that I have the kids outta the way. Zach did the monkey bars by himself today, you should have seen how happy he was. Kam and I clapped like Pollocks cheering on the Grand Pollock of the year.
Emily said…
I am so glad you are free of the birds. Now only if we could be free from the Laundry! Good job Dave for helping out!
Poohbear said…
Glad the bird is gone...Gary is on vaction..until Tuesday....I wish there was a fairy to do Laundry...not my fav...Heather