Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bird Update

The birds are still here. We have heard peeping from the tree and have hopes that the babies will learn to fly soon and they will all fly away to that grand aviary in the sky.

Yesterday when I went to get the mail, the dad bird was waiting for me. And all I got in the mail were some lousy ads. "But," I thought, "at least I can use them to swat at the bird."

Who would have thought that tiny tree that Zach climbs (and amazingly hasn't killed yet) would be an appealing hide-out for a bird on the attack?


Annie said...

if you're lucky each of the birds will pick other trees in your yard for next year!!

Dan said...

They don't call shotgun ammunition "birdshot" for nothing...

baileyfamily said...

that is awesome. you do exciting things too.

Bob said...

I finally made it over to check out your blog. I frequent your brother's and your husband's...funny people you have there.

Your blog is very aesthetically pleasing. I am always surprised how well pink and brown go together...then again, I was just surprised to learn that there is an "r" in between the "u" and the "p" in the word surprised. I have been spelling that one wrong for quite some time now.

Anyway....good luck with the bird problem...maybe you should get a cat...apparently Dave has some pretty strong opinions on cats vs. dogs.

Poohbear said...

Hi all,

I was thinking about the bird problem.....and I have came to the conclusion...It could be alot worse like a skunk or something that stinks worse....AKK Burley Id
Love Ya Heather