So, I got nothing to blog about, so I am stealing from Zach. Zach is attending a pre-kindergarten program this month. The class has a Corduroy Bear they send home each night with a child who has been quiet and good. He didn't get it and didn't get it and I thought he might be pitching fits when they gave the bear to other kids (that was just a grim surmise based on all my past experience with Zach; I have no positive confirmation that he ever freaked out).

Last Friday Zach finally got the bear. He was just beaming when he walked out of the school with it. Since he got it on a Friday, we had the bear all weekend. He had a really fun weekend with the bear.

That's about all there is folks, unless you want a product review on "mineral makeup." (What on earth would it be made out of if it wasn't made out of minerals?) Or perhaps you want to get me started on "Self-Checkout" stands at places such as Smith's and Home Depot. Seriously, if I am going to go to the trouble of doing the work they normally PAY someone else to do, I WANT A DISCOUNT! But seriously, don't get me started.

Anyway, here are some pictures of Zach's big weekend with Corduroy Bear.


Mom said…
Cute, cute pictures. I loved Cordoroy - glad he could come to dinner and was relieved to know that he hadn't spent the night.
Chiizukeki said…
the discount at the self checkout is that you don't have to stand in line behind 12 other people. But still, it seems like someone always has to come help me anyways. They should divide the lines between people who just want to pay and get out and people that want to argue about every item. Give the arguers the slower cashiers too.
Dan said…
My problem with the self-checkout stands is how they micro-manage every little action you take. It's like ordering soup from the Soup Nazi.

"Please scan your first item"
"Please place your item in the bagging area."
"Unexpected item in bagging area."
"Please place your item in the bagging area."
"Unexpected Item in the bagging area."
"Please place your item in the bagging area."
"Unexpected Item in the bagging area."

That's why I haven't bought a hammer at the Home Depot at the self-checkout; it would get a little bit more than it asked for in the bagging area...
Poohbear said…
Good Job Zach Loave ya
Annie said…
Self checkouts with Dan are a TREAT!

Love the pictures, he looks so proud!