Camelot Resort

So I'm looking through pictures of our family camping trip and come across this winner. I have no idea where he learned to pose like this or why and I'm a little nervous to find out.

But then again, maybe Kammy taught him.
Here are the kids on the swing out over the river.



And Dave

We had fun but we are glad to be home.


James said…
I agree. As much as I like camping (ok, parts of camping...the packing and the unpacking and the kids are a little tough) it's always nice to be home. I'm really glad you guys came, though!
baileyfamily said…
That looks way fun.
baileyfamily said…
I wanted to send you an invite to my blog but I don't have your email. So email me I will send you an invite.
Dave said…
Camping is always two things, hard work and not enough time. We had a great time being with Palmers, and Baers. Classic family volleyball, sliding to save a vollyball from a eminent water trap? Waterballons, and strange noises late at night. Classic. Lets get together soon again!
Annie said…
I'm pretty sure I can guess where the strange noises were coming from since most had chili on their haystacks!
It's always nice to come home. It was great being with everyone! I can't believe you were ok with your kids swinging across the river, I couldn't look!
Yeah for camping, as long as I don't have to go. I don't like bugs or getting dirty or packing or unpacking dirty things. And I don't like bugs. Did I mention I don't care for bugs.

Mindy is now on the blog. Visit her blog from my blog.

I miss you too.

How does July 11 (friday) work for you for a shower/reuinion for RObyn. Say yes, because so far that works for everyone.
Emily said…
I loves Zach's pose! That tree swing looks scary!