You know what is really funny? Words that aren't supposed to end in "tastic" but do. Pay attention and you will hear the use of these spastastic words. Try using them yourself. For example, if you were watching a movie which you thought was good, you might say, "This is movietastic!" Or if you saw a guy with plummer's crack, you might say, "That's cracktastic!" If you've never heard this, you should try having a conversation with my brother-in-law, Danny. He'll get you up to speed. He's tastictastic.

But the really funny thing is seeing this phenomenon used in marketing. OFF has a whole line of bugtastic products, which they seriously term "Skintastic!" It's right there on every bottle or can of bug repellent. In print. In large letters.

I'm not saying this is wrong. I'm not saying it is right. I'm not saying it is annoying or humorous or a good marketing ploy. I'm just saying there it is.

This tastic quality is especially important to our family, since we live in a swamp surrounded by still water. The mosquitoes breed, and then they come in hoardes to my house to suck the blood out of my children. So for us, Skintastic is necessetastic.


MamaB said…
I've gotta say I love your picture of Kammy under the bed. She is adorable! (All kids are when they are asleep, right?)

And I would rather wear something tastic than get bitten repeatedly by nasty mosquitos.
One of my favorites just happens to be a relative of the Tastic family. I love "Tacular," as in Craptacular....which, of course, is used to describe things like the Stadium of Fire and barbecued corn on the cob!
Anonymous said…
My favorite is "comcastic" as if there is anything fandangtastic about paying for 50 channels of nothing on.
Dave said…
Remeber the comerical with the woman on the lawn chair and the mosquitoes coming to get her, but no! The skintastic off prodoct protects her so he man friend can swoop in and woo her by saying "smooth" as if off is a turn on! That's craptastic (thanks tracy for the new word.)