Out of the mouth of babes--Out of the butt of birds

Haha! So this is Dave's story, but I am beating him to it.

Yesterday when I went to the bank with Laura, I got a large squishy present from a bird on my car window. Some people call it bird turd. I will call it bird diahhrea. I stared at the sheer volume of if, the copious diahhrea, and then I drove merrily home. With my window stuck down, but that is another story. I didn't give it another thought, and I just told the kids, when they asked, that it was bird poop. Cars is Dave's job, and I knew he would enjoy scraping off the bird diahrrea.

I didn't fully appreciate the largeness of the turd until last night when I talked to Dave on the phone while I was at work. He said Kamrynn told him all about the turd (don't you think turd is a funny word?). She told him proudly that there was a daddy bird, a mommy bird, AND a baby bird that all went poop on our car. What a clever little thing, huh? I hadn't even considered the possibility that it was a FAMILY of birds, dooing (hehe) their family thing, crapping on our car for their family home evening.

So hooray for the birds! You fly around in your sweet little family units and turd on our cars! Good for you, you Bird Turds!


Dave said…
The real story was going to be about a boy and his bike. As for cleaning the t-urd, went well used the kids to wipe it up while we washed our most senior citizen car.
Who knew you could have fun cleanin' turds?
Emily said…
Your kids are so funny! I love the "stack" and the "family" of turding birds. Next time make his pancakes really small, so you can stack them higher and he thinks he is getting more. Really, I just think you are in for it if his appetite is already that big.
Here's a funny story about bird turd. When Steve's parents and my parents met, we had dinner at Gardner Village. After dinner we were all talking out in the parking lot for a minute and some birds flew over head. No big deal right? Wrong! On of the birds crapped! It landed on....yes...my Dad. The funny thing is that it landed on the INSIDE of his glasses. He had bird schmear on the inside of his glasses, but no where else.

Way to go bird! That was a small target and you hit it right on.
Kathie said…
We got this card for Christmas. I died laughing.