My car is my favorite child

My car is my favorite child. I will state the reasons.
1-It listens to the music I tell it to. It does not complain about the music I like. It remembers what music I like. It will listen to music loud if I want it to, or it will listen to music soft if I want it to. It's so easy to get it to do this; it's like turning a knob. (My other kids are currently listening to Elmo sing some version of Hickory Dickory Dock).
2-I did not have to potty train my car. I do not have to wipe it. It never waits until I sit down and then yells from the bathroom, "Mom, I'm done!"
3-It never whines. Ever.
4-My car never invites friends over. Its friends never dump sand out of the sandbox all over the yard. It's friends never ask me for drinks when they could walk 15 feet and get one at their own home. It's friends never gather every item in my kids' bedroom that is made from matter onto the bunkbed and claim it is a boat which they are sailing through uncharted waters with which they must save all of my children's possessions from getting pretend wet.
5-My car never drives itself away not to be heard from nor seen for several hours. If you lose your kid I think they might take you to jail for neglect. Also, though I like when my other kids disappear for a while, I still worry about them. Weird. Anyway you look at it, it's annoying.
6-It sits still if I want it to. It moves if I want it to.
Is that enough reasons?
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Dave said…
Misty, gotta love 'those Toyota's but really walk this neighborhood and look around you. Mathies's noose is a constant ooz of yeah. The Marteniz gang-yeah. Those pesky helmet wearing goobers that can't seem to get out of the road when I pull up to my driveway. I mean our kids whine, complain, and poop but I would reather have mine hands down. Love you.
Misty said…
You make a good point.