The Kid Who Farts

I finally figured out who "the kid who farts" is. This is the title we've heard Zach use in reference to one of the neighborhood boys, but we didn't know which one.

Much to Dave's chagrin, my kids do not think farts are funny. Unless they annoy Dave, I am in agreement with the kids. I think Dave wanted to write this post about farting, but I stole it. Because maybe farts are funny. No. Farts are not funny. Holy crap, I can't believe I just typed "farts" so many times.

Anyway, yesterday Zach was playing across the yard with one of his new friends and the friend (I won't mention his name because I don't want to be the one to label him as a farter) suggested they play something or other and Zach very matter of factly responded, "Alright, but just don't fart on me, okay?"

So now I know who "the kid who farts" is.


Phew! For a minute there, I thought this post was about me!
MamaB said…
Or about my kids. They are proud of their farts and never hesitate to claim them as their own. Mikayla especially. And if we don't hear her little fart come out of her little bottom, she makes sure to tell us, repeatedly, that it was her. (They get that from their dad!)
Dave said…
I don't care whatcha say 'bout farts, farts are funny! Fart contests, blue darts, and has anyone ever smelled a dog fart? I have, boy howdy does it stink. I remember this one old dog I had as a pet growing up, his name was sparky man that dog could fart! Light up a room. As Sparky got older, the farts seem to last longer and smell stronger too. Growing up in Idaho... fond memories.
Jared & Shannon said…
We had this dog names Sigmund and I thought my sister was just putting me on and trying to cover up the fact that she farted... a lot! Anyway, the point is I didn't believe her. I was sure that dogs didn't fart. Then one day, inevitably, I found myself home alone with only the dog as a friend. Until I smelled something that I knew didn't belong to me! I'm a believer!

Of course, the more that I think about it, if anyone knows my family they probably think the dog was just trying to fit in!