You know how when you were little you always called Handy Corner Candy Corner instead? This is a little like that.

Today is Heyday. Or at least, this is what Zach calls payday. I told him a few weeks ago that we couldn't buy any more toys until payday. And then I explained payday to him. What I actually meant was that I never wanted to buy another toy again ever in my life. "Why didn't you just say that then, be honest with the kid?" I know you are asking. I'm pretty sure I have just said that to him but he let that go in one ear and out the other, and what he really took to was this idea of Heyday.

If, on every payday, we just went out and blew it on toys it really would be a heyday wouldn't it? It's funny how close those two words and their meanings are.

Well, Happy Heyday everyone.


Annie said…
what a fabulous idea! I don't know what I would buy first, but i'm sure i can come up with something! does a fence count?
Misty Moncur said…
Of course it counts. Happy Heyday!

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