Eat the Kids First

I totally stole everything in this post but I left links and don't claim it as my own.

I've always wondered if maybe I should have been born one of those animals that eat their young. When I saw this licence plate I got thinking about what kind of animals eat their young and wondered why they do it. I think, if I were to eat my young, I'd do it just for an hour of peace and quiet. Of course, that brings up a whole nother topic about making long term solutions to short term problems.

So, I googled "animals who eat their young" and I found this article on FOXnews. Here's the link, if you want but I don't see why you would, or here is an excerpt.

Previous studies have focused on the idea that parents might be eating their own eggs because they get an energy benefit from it and might be using it as a source of food when other sources were scarce.

But studies of some fish that had their diets supplemented by researchers came back with mixed results: While some stopped eating their offspring, others didn't.

"It's not just about getting an easy meal," Klug said.

It's not?

They found that several factors contributed to parents developing a taste for their own offspring.

In some cases, cannibalizing their own young puts the same evolutionary pressure on the eggs that a predator would: the faster the eggs develop, the greater their chances of survival.

So, if my kids acted more grown up, I wouldn't want to eat them. See? It's science.


Dave said…
babe, canibalizing and eating your children is against the law. I wouldn't like to visit you in prision, what kind of marriage would that be? Although Zach is a little porky, mabe with hot sauce?

Anywhay what works for nature doesn't always seem to work with God's greatest creation.
Chiizukeki said…
hmm, that is a very interesting concept. I can't imagine they would taste good, however. Maybe fish just like eggs, they wake up and say "gosh, eggs sound good this morning" and then totally forget what eggs they're eating. I can't imagine they remember very long. What was I saying?
Dan said…
You know, it always seemed odd to me to use fish eggs as bait when you fish... Now it makes a little more sense.

This is sort of a morbid area to delve into, but it's sort of interesting to think of what kind of cuts of meat you could get off of a human. Would kids be like veal? Would hippies be gamy? Would anyone actually ever eat a flank steak? Anyway...
Try snacking inbetween meals, maybe that will curb your appetite and keep you out of prison.

Random thought. Amy Grant makes me sick. Why do they still play her songs. No one likes her anymore.