Drop your drawers

My yellow and green background was kind of freaking me out. Thought I'd try something new.

Today we went to the doctor's for shots. Our PCP wasn't there today, which was okay because I'm not crazy about him. Not that he's bad or anything. But sometimes I feel like he might be a terrorist. And I kind of wonder why he's a pediatrician and not a surgeon.

So we saw someone called Brian who likes pizza and gave the kids "knuckles." He said Zach's height and weight were off the charts (surprise surprise, the kid looks like a third grader). The nurse checked his height (47 in) and weight (54 lbs). She gave him a hearing test, an eye test, a blood test, a urine test, AND checked his blood pressure (90/50) with a cute little kid cuff. Then the doctor, I mean Brian, came in. He asked Zach what his favorite food was and what he'd had for lunch. He checked his balance and his heart and his lungs. He checked his lymph nodes and said his tonsils are big.

Then he left and the nurse came back in for shots. She had Zach drop his drawers and I got to hold his arms down while she injected him with live viruses. It was awesome. He cried for a sec, but that was it.

And now he can go to Kindergarten.


MamaB said…
I love your new look! It's awesome!

Congrats on getting the kindergarten check-up finished! That's a relief! I think Megan had her shots when she turned five. At least I hope so! I'm glad to hear that Zach is doing so great.
Amy said…
Who's your PCP? Haroutunian?