Death by Allergies

On my first date with Dave nine years ago, my allergies were so bad I almost couldn't function. Fortunately, we were at a loud hockey game so I could blow my nose repeatedly. Something about my red nose and watery eyes and boogery tissue pile must have been cute, though, because our friendship stuck. But, as cute as it was, I wasn't willing to live with allergies any more. I was severely allergic to Ogden, so I went to the doc and he gave me a prescription for Claritin. It was like stepping into heaven.
Now, of course, Claritin is sold over the counter and it bears no resemblance whatsoever to the prescription. They say it does, but it doesn't. I've been pretty faithful to it, though, since I was so grateful for it at the beginning, but lately it's just not doing it anymore. A while ago we bought a bottle filled with thirty thousand generic loratadine at probably Costco, so I feel that I have to use them. Anyway, they don't seem to work. They're even worse than the OTC Claritin, which does work, just not as well as the prescription. I have to take two every twelve hours, instead of one every twenty-four, to get allergy relief, and I'm just not comfortable breaking the rules like that. Plus I think it's giving me a rash.
So I thought I would give Zyrtec a try. Sure, it has a ridiculously stupid name and the bottle is green instead of pretty blue and their commercials are cruel to Claritin, but all's fair in love and allergies, right? So I tried the Zyrtec, and it worked, but it dried my nose out so much so that it...itched. Now I ask you, what then is the point?

Today I am on loratadine with a side of Benedryl. Anyone got any suggestions?


Annie said…
Knock on wood, I've not dealt with allergies. But, if I have any good ideas one day, you'll be the first to know!
Dan said…
I've been throwing down benadryl like candy this week. It helps with the allergies, but detaches me from reality. And sometimes I still sneeze. We have a giant Costco-sized bottle of them that I feel I need to finish before I try anything else.
Misty said…
I know the feeling. Being detached from reality, I mean. I've been taking one Benedryl in the morning and once it starts working I don't have to take any more, but I feel like a zombie all day.
Russ said…
cocktail of some/all of the above, but cut em in half... I dunno
I've been taking the Loratadine for years and it seems like this year it has become less effective. I went to the MD and got a prescription for Nasonex. The combination seems to do the trick, but the Nasonex gives me a headache. To fix that, I take Tylonol and 12-hour generic Sudafed.

I'm proud to be funding the important research being done by the major drug companies. And taking so many colorful pills makes me feel good inside.

This is Steve by the way.
I have basically been cured of my allergies, which were severe, since returning from upstate new york where they were debilitating. Maybe try moving there for a while then moving back. It worked for me.

Also when I was a teenager my mom took me to an allergy clinic where I got what was supposed to be a permenant solution. It involved a shot given up your nose by a MD. You went for the first then waited a month and went back for the next.

Well...the first one was effective. In fact it still works today. The problem is that the FDA banned the treatment during the month I waited for the second treatment. SO now when I do have allergy problems, it's only on half of my face. One eye drips, one nostrol with tons of snot, you know the drill. Its really strange looking.

This has been Kristin