One of my biggest pet peaves as a hausfrau is having to clean up crumbs from off the counters. It's not hard. It's satisfying when it's done. I just hate that the crummies are there in the first place.

My kids eat a lot of toast. A lot. Toast everyday. And so, in an effort to cut down on the crummies, I have devised the Crummie Keeper. As you can see above, it is a cookie sheet with a cooling rack in it wherethrough the crummies fall and are kept until I dispose of them. Thus, I am in control of the crummies, and they are not in control of me.

The Crummies. That sort of sounds like an STD or something.


Dan said…
Just be glad you don't have a Throckmorton in your toaster.

THROCKMORTON (n) The soul of a departed madman: one of those now known to inhabit the timing mechanism of pop-up toasters.
Heather said…
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