Costco lost my kid

To be truly fair, Costco did not lose him; we lost him. Want to know how?

On Saturday we made the weekly outing to Costco. Actually, we try not to go weekly as we always spend too much when we are there. So, limit the trips, limit the spending. Well, Saturday we happened by Costco, in a scheduling miracle, to see Steve and Kristin's new baby, Sunny (Don't ask; it's just how we could work it out that day). And with two small kids you have to hit the johns first. Two ladies to Ladies, two men to Mens. Two ladies emerged from the Ladies, one man emerged from the Mens.

This may sound like we lost him down the urinal drain or something, but let's back up and examine it. Two ladies in the Ladies, one man on the pot, one man emerges from Mens. Then, two ladies emerge from the Ladies, one man emerges from the Mens, one man MIA.

I'm starting to notice a pattern. I thought church losing my kid was an isolated incident, but I fear I was hasty in dismissing a new phase: wandering off.

I tried not to freak out either time, tried to let him know I was proud of him for heading for familiar territory while I tried to give him options that may have been better for him to do when he found he was without parent. But I have a sneaking suspicion (that's not too bad a phrase, is it?) that he will prolly wander off again.

Want to know how we found him?

My blog found my kid.
That's right. Steve remembered reading that the last time Zach was lost he headed down the road toward home. Steve went outside and looked in the road and sure enough, there was Zach headed toward the car.

I should mention that we did notify the Costco officials and they were very helpful and walky-talkied the crap out of the situation. Thanks Costco, but no thanks; my faithful blogreader, Steve, found the little lost boy.

Thanks Steve, you are my Blog Buddy of the Day!


Dan said…
Kids getting lost at Costco is a pretty common occurance. While I worked there, it seemed like once a week or so we'd get a call on the walkie-talkie (that's a cool word) about some kid that was lost.

The really funny thing, though, is they'd tell us what the parents thought the kid was wearing, and nine times out of ten the kid was wearing something completely different when we found them. Did the kid change clothes, or did the parent really have no idea how their own kid was dressed?
MamaB said…
I hate it when my kids wander off and get lost. Remember when Kayla wandered off while we were camping at the girls camp place? She was big enough to wander off by herself but not big enough to yell back or find her way home. It's a horrible feeling! I'm glad that he was found!

While we were at the ball game tonight, I was sure he was just going to wander off and be lost forever after reading your blog. But he did pretty good! And he's so cute! Kamrynn did not like the bouncy slide! She got to the top and refused to go down. Some little kids tried to help her, but she wanted nothing to do with that. And there were so many little kids coming up she couldn't get down the ladder if she tried. Finally one of the girls grabbed her feet and took her down with them. She loved it! It made me laugh!
Heather said…
misty you crack me up
Emily said…
Zach is crazy! I can't believe how calm you stayed! Gotta love Costco and church!
Morgans said…
You are calm about the whole thing I think I would be freaking out. I panic when McKynna's bus doesn't come within a timely manner. I am a little over protective sometimes. Just wait until Zach goes to kindergarten, you may be the same one too.
I am glad to hear from you and yes we do need to get together. The last time I saw anyone besided Tina was when I was pregnant with Lyndsey. Way to long.
Talk to you soon.