I want to have a tea-party

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I have selected a poem for your reading enjoyment today. I wrote this down one afternoon after an impromtu tea-party with Kammy. She asked Zach first, but he didn't want to. That is, until he got feeling left out, since everyone else, meaning me and Kam and several stuffed animals, were sitting on the kitchen floor drinking air, and stirring air in plastic cups with plastic spoons, and spooning air out of a plastic sugar bowl, not to mention pouring air out of a plastic tea-pot. This would be a precious moment I would have forgotten if not for this silly poem. So, vwoolah.

I want to have a tea-party

said she to we as I was writing
and she was playing and he was playing.
I will make you tea, said she.
Said he decidedly, I don’t like tea.
Then I will make it for my bear.

You are Princess Jasmine, she declared,
this yellow-haired and blue-eyed belle.
And I am Belle. And he is, well,
We tried to make him Charming.

I will have tea, said I to she,
and she was delighted with me.
Then I too will have tea, said he.
And we three
drank our tea most pleasantly.


Dan said…
That was really good. It has a bit of a British feel to it (maybe just 'cause tea is a British sort of thing, or the sort of thing a Brit would do).

I'm still trying to figure out where little kids (well, okay, little girls) get the idea to have a tea party. It seems like a pretty universal desire. Is there a movie that they all watch at a young age that presents it? Is it just instinct? Or are toy manufacturers putting subliminal devices in their stuffed animals that make kids want to drink tea? Is there a conspiracy between toy makers and tea producers? We may need to look into that...
mmoncur147 said…
It's a natural impulse to nurture the stuffed animals, to supply the basic need of sustenance, and toy teapot makers exploit this.

Not once has Zach ever offered stuffed animals anything of that kind. He does not offer nurture, he takes it. He has one stuffed animal, WoodyBear, whom he allows to play him a lullaby whenever he needs comfort.
MamaB said…
It must be a girl thing. My girls like tea parties. I don't know why. Just today, Rachel was taking a plastic chick to a friends house and Kayla was eating Teddy Grahams and offered one to Rachel's chick. Not to Rachel (she got mad when Rachel tried to eat it...) but to the chick. Go figure! And at Grandpa Baer's house their favorite toy is the tea set. They have never had tea, never even SEEN tea, but they want to have tea parties more often than I will admit.
Maybe try giving her some actual tea so she can see that its not really her cup of tea, so to speak.

The poem was delightful.
Dan said…
I remember when I was a kid, I only liked taking coffee breaks...
This is Traci Unrein from the infamous Droubay Ward. I found your blog, wanted to drop a quick hello and tell you how much I enjoyed reading your blog. You have a cute little family. Drop by mine anytime.

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