Heart to Heart

Dave said my blog makes him sad because I sound like I am not happy with my life the way it's turning out, you know, being a wife and mother.

If I sound like that, it must be true. But that's nothing new. It's no secret that I'm not Supermom. I don't even want to be. I want to be something else entirely. Truthfully, unless the kids are tucked in their bed asleep, motherhood sucks. So sue me.

Being a wife is not the trouble. Being a wife is the bomb (do people still say that?). Being someone's wife is really awesome, and I have the best husband in the whole entire world, no lessons, pop, thank you very much.

So maybe I'm a big fat jerk. Maybe I will go to hell for disliking motherhood. But I think I am going to heaven for hating it and doing it anyway.

And if I end up in hell, I'll be with Dave, since he is going to hell for listening to AC/DC.


You will be there with me, too. I have warned my husband that he is going to Hell (because of all the swears, temper tantrums and the fact that he also listens to AC/DC). Darrel tells me that I am also, because we are sealed. There you have it, the gospel according to Darrel.
Emily said…
Misty- I came across your blog in a way that doesn't really matter. I had actually been thinking about you, and wondered where I had put your e-mail address. Organization is definetly one of my fortes! (NOT!) People still say that right?! Well, anyways I was so excited to realize this was you and even more excited to read the pluthera of hilarious things you write. All I can say is THANKS! You made my night. I needed a good laugh. (I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing WITH you!) I always new I liked you, I just didn't know how much I could really like you! That makes sense in a non-wierd kind of way, right? I am just sad I didn't get to know this side of you when I lived there. We could have had great times! (Much, much better than those VT moments.) You are an amazing writer and poetist. (I like that word better than poet.) I have had so much fun reading all of your posts. I love your wit. I think you put in words what most of us at some time or another think or wish we could think. Thanks again!
oh yeah, we listen to AC/DC too!
Dave said…
clap your hands and sing along with Conan O'Brien, "I'm 'a' gonna go to hell when I die!"
You'll miss it when its gone. It's all temporary. Hell is forever though.
Misty said…
Good point. Have you been listening to Trace Atkins?
Anonymous said…
I just found your site, because I am trying to figure out if there are other moms out there who hate motherhood like I do. I love my kids, but this mom thing just sucks. Your line about the only good time is when they're asleep in bed made me smile, and breathe a sigh of relief, since I feel the same way.

Thanks for making me feel less alone with this.