So here's the part I'm not so stoked about. The Final.

I keep asking myself, "What was I thinking, taking an automotive electronics course?"

Then I remind myself, "You need it to graduate."
"But that makes no sense," I tell myself. "You're an English major."

"True, but regardless, you've still got to get the Scientific Inquiry credit and this is how you chose to do it."

And then I make a joke: "True, and if you weren't an English major you would have said 'irregardless'." And then I laugh at my joke.

And then I get serious again. "Don't you think your professor will notice you don't know how to pop the hood?"

"Well, sure. I guess he'd notice that. But if I bumble through that, don't you think it would be more noticeable that I don't know how to make a parallel circuit with a test light?"

"Yeah, it's likely that he would notice that. But big deal, it's not like you're training to be a mechanic."

"Yeah, big deal."

And, instead of studying, this dialogue just goes on and on.

Because, seriously, don't these look like torture devices?

But I guess I'd better buck up and study.


I for one enjoyed your dialogue.

I think your professor will be so dumbfounded when a girl like you shows up. He won't notice the basic car cares you are unable to perfrom.

I took Statistics for my SI credit. I promise I was worse at that than you are at this, but they still let me graduate. You got it in the bag. But a little study prolly wouldn't kill you. I guess
By the way, your comment on my last post made my day. Maybe it was the nicest thing anyone ever said to me.
And that is the reason I lasted 6 months in college. Good Luck!
Annie said…
I once mistook the oil light for the coolant light...I think the mechanic secretly laughed at me. Good luck!
I know how to run the car,pop the hood, and put water in it but that's about it. For the rest I just flirt and get all sweet on my husband and somehow it fixes it's self.
*little secret- If I could run that little thingy a ma gig gadget you got there, I certainly wouldn't tell anybody. I do enough around here.*