Church lost my kid

Ray Bradbury says you should write about things you are passionate about. So I thought maybe writing wasn't for me, since I'm a little more apathetic than passionate about just about everything on earth. The only thing that gets my goat is gas prices. Well, that and the Mexican border, because you see, the economic situation is going to get so bad in this country that we all want to skip the country and go the Mexico but that big fat East German fence is going to put a wrench in that plan.

Crap, how many cliches did I just use?

But since I can't be coherent when I think about gas prices, I'll just write about the kids. Well, Zach specifically.

Yesterday at church I was sitting with Kamrynn in Sunbeams (because she won't go if I don't) and I noticed that Zach was not sitting with his class. James is there and little Emma is there and some kind of substitute teacher is there, but no Zach. So after the prayer and the song when he is still not there, I went and talked to the Primary presidency that my child was not where he was supposed to be.

So we scoured the church. Sent men to look in the bathrooms. Looked outside in the parking lot and the bushes. Checked the classroom where we used to teach and all the other classrooms for that matter.

When the teacher was questioned she said that Zach got mad (because he got the prayer instead of talk for next week; yep, that's my boy) and said he was going to find his mom and ran off into the throngs of people coming out of another ward's sacrament meeting. I don't know where he thought he was going to find me, but luckily I was in sitting like a big unwanted loser in Kamrynn's class and noticing that he was missing. Otherwise, I wouldn't have known he was missing until 45 minutes later when it was time to pick him up for sacrament meeting.

After we checked everywhere I decided I'd drive home and see if he'd started that way. I don't know why he would think he could since we have never walked home from church, no precedent, it's too far on a busy road, but sure enough I see a little white shirt walking along the opposite side of state road whatever, clutching his scriptures and a handout flapping in the breeze.

Church lost my kid. But I found him. Know what he said when I asked if he was scared when he couldn't find me?
He said, "Yeah, but I prayed to God and then you found me."


Church lost my kid once. He decided he did not want to go to Primary so he left. His class had a substitute who had no idea who was in her class. He came wandering into priesthood with a runny nose, rosey cheeks and sweat pouring off his forehead because he had been playing outside, in the middle of February, for around 35 minutes. We had no idea he was even missing! Yep, church lost my kid, too!
MamaB said…
Yeah, church lost my kid, too. When Rachel was little she somehow escaped nursery (even though they had the white plastic child-proof locks on the doors!). She wandered into the next ward's Sacrament meeting, waltzed up on the stand and started playing the piano. Luckily some nice soul in the meeting went and got her and took her out in the foyer. No one from Nursery knew she was gone.
Dan said…
It won't be long before we just start implanting little locator chips in kids when they're born so you can always know where they are. If only there were a way to control their behavior with the chips...

Mmm... Chips...
The Fawson Crew said…
This was such an awful sunday for all of us! We have now enforced stricter kid rules! We have never let a child leave in sharing time without an adult, but we are now applying that to the classroom part as well! Frankly, it scared us all to death that this would happen under our watch! I hope your not ready to go inactive over it!