You will die pie

You know how you must, must, must use ice water when you make pie crust from scratch? It is a lie. That is lie pie. I made this beaut out of pie crust made with boiling water. Yes, you heard me, boiling water (well, water nuked in the microwave, anyway).

I did not have Crisco, so I used margarine instead; that is why it is so yellow. The S is for SuperMisty. I rolled it out between waxed parchment paper and it was so easy to handle. It didn't break anywhere because the dough was so moist. But it wasn't sticky, either, and it still baked up nice and flaky like pie crust is supposed to be.

I meant to get a Before and After picture. This is the Before picture, but it got gobbled up too fast to get an After picture. Okay, that is tooting my own horn. Really, I had to go to work before the pie was ready to eat and it got gobbled up while I was gone. Hence, no After picture.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Cream Cheese Apple Cinna-Mint Kolaches.

Did I mention this was a meat pie? Not like mince-meat, but like Chicken Pot Pie. In fact, it was exactly like Chicken Pot Pie. Yum.

The things I would do differently next time are:

1-Refrain from burning the vegetables
2-Take the time to make my own cream sauce instead of lazy out and use Campbell's
3-Buy Crisco
4-Cut the design in the top crust before putting it on the pie


That might be the best looking pie I have ever seen. Seriously. You go gril.

I have never heard that you should use ice water with pie crust. Maybe you should ask your mom why she has to lie about something so stupid. You should say it just like that too, for effect. Say..."Mom, why do you have to lie about something so stupid?"
I should mention however I have only ever made like one pie all by my self with out help from store bought pie crust.

I don't remember anyone named Susan from Brookside unless you are talking about Sue in which case why are you calling her Susan? In any case she must not have been nearly as motivated, prepared and confident as I am to do it successfully.

If I can run 13 miles with out stopping, I can do this. Easy. Plus i'll be able to brag about myself afterward which I really enjoy doing.
By the way...I parked in the pregnant spot at the Southe Towne Malle out side the foode courte the other day. Totally worth the wait. I felt like Princess Pregnant.
mmoncur147 said…
Susan RN. You must have been on your mission.
annie said…
I'm incredibly impressed! Looks delicious, burned vegetables and all!
MamaB said…
Wow! Me too! What made you decide to use hot water instead of cold? Interesting. I might have to try that. Actually, pie sounds good today. We're all sick today (except the youngest two...darn chipper kids!) So a nice pie sounds yummy...
mmoncur147 said…
I just found a recipe online.
3/4 shortening
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp milk
1/4 c boiling water
2 c flour

Mix everthing but the flour. Then add the flour. I baked at 350 for about 35 minutes.