Well, Dan, here is my Miisty. She's really ugly. I don't know if she looks like mii or not. I couldn't get her any closer. Either I don't know what I look like, or I am in denial. Probably denial. Also, this pic is tiny, but it's just as well so nobody has to look at me. I will scan in Kammy's drawing of me. It's about as good.

Right now there are guys here spraying more insulation into my attic. Supposedly so we will have a lower power bill this summer. I hope they don't take my purse when they leave.

My kids and all the neighborhood kids came rushing in to see what all the hub-bub was about. Of course. You know they wanted to be right under the ladder and the hoses. Kids are funny that way. They really don't care about being in peoples' ways.

Kammy is notorious for this. Have you ever stepped on a cat that was under your feet? This is how Kammy is. She will wait until you're standing still, making dinner, or vacuuming the floor, or brushing your teeth, and then she will silently sneak up behind you and wait, as close as she can get without touching you, until you step away and squish her. Then she shrieks. I don't know why she does this.

Here is another one of her masterpieces. She drew this on the back of one of my crafty Americana hearts. But I liked this as well as I liked the flag on the other side, don't you? I hang it up in my bedroom now.


Phocion said…
Your Mii looks good. You can up the size of the export (there's a little sliding bar thingie).

I'm not sure if it's still there, but at the Simpson's Movie website there's an editor to make yourself into a Simpson's character. It's pretty fun, too, but yellow's the only skin-color option.
annie said…
I'm pretty sure Dan has too much time on his hands! You look good in mii! I'm impressed. Kammy's art work is quite impressive too!!
Bonnie said…
Hey! I love your blog! Your posts are very clever and your poems are amazing! Hope all is well!

PS - you don't have to leave me comments or messages; I'm momentarily ok without validation :)