Kolaches for Beginners

I got this recipe out of a book by Susan Wiggs. It is called The Winter Lodge; it's part of her Lakeshore Chronicles series. In this book, the main character, Jenny Majesky, runs the family bakery and writes a food column for the town's newspaper. Each chapter begins with one of her articles: a recipe and a lesson about life. In this one, Jenny says, "My Grandmother used to tell me not to worry about how long this whole process takes. Baking is an act of love, and who cares how long love takes?"
I think this is true. Everytime I bake, I know my family's tummies are going to get full. You've never seen anyone put away homemade bread like Zach does. My kids love monkey bread, dinner rolls, cinnamon rolls, pigs in a blanket, pizza crust, and especially breadsticks. However, even though these Kolaches are made with plenty of sugar, my kids won't eat them. I don't understand it, but all the more for me.


I'm always glad to see Czech culture infiltrating the general population. Way to go Pani Majeska!

So Misty, why haven't you brought us any Kolaci?

By the way, this is Steve.
mmoncur147 said…
Dude, you live like 60 miles away. But I should bring you some, since I love to bake but my neighbors are getting sick of my creations.