I want it structured like a sonnet

Time to post another poem, I think. It may seem a little silly to you, but poems are what my insides are made up of, after all. For me, this poem is about questions and answers, about the same questions that have been asked and answered forever, repeated in each generation. If you want to read something funny, you'll have to wait until tomorrow. But, something I find funny is that this poem is not structured like a sonnet. Maybe you noticed.

I want it structured like a sonnet

pentameters and all, octets and sestets,
coupled faces to fall

in love with when I look at you; I solicit

with your echoed answer forever
and forever reverberate between us.

Octaval parallels we have been

on alternating pendulum to discord,
and to hum dissenting chords

gave us a laugh, and we are back

and forth and back in the undulating
give and take of the structure of the sonnet.