Blinding Snowstorm

Today, in an effort to be more adventurous, we headed off on a day-trip to Ephraim, Utah for the express purpose of going to Fat Jack's Pizza. For the express purpose of consuming Fat Sticks, an amazingly simple recipe of breadstick and melted mozarella cheese dipped in a bucket of ranch dressing. FYI, it is no longer called Fat Jack's Pizza among the townspeople. It is called Roy's. Now you tell me which place you would rather eat at.

There were two really good things about this trip. Number one, the Fat Sticks. Number two, the dry princess panties when we got home. Even though we had to stop ninety nine times for the owner of our smallest bladder to go pee-pee.

The really bad part of this trip was the blinding snowstorm we had to drive home through, notwithstanding the fact that it was 60 degrees when we embarked on the journey home. The temperature quickly fell and as we drove the mountainous road home, we drove right into a snowstorm. The snow wasn't so bad, but the wind was blowing it all over and sometimes we couldn't see nothin', yeah nothin', in front of us. When we got to the summit there were jack-knifed semis and cars that were sliding all over, everyone stranded on the side of the road. And a lot of people stranded in the middle. We, meaning Dave, slid the 4Runner into 4-wheel and we crept right alone and eventually made it down the canyon. This was fortunate since we were wearing shorts and flip-flops.

Moral of the story--don't give a small bladder a large soda.


Dag-burnit. We've been dying to go to Ephraim aka Fat Jacks aka Roy's (it's just not right) forever. We would have gone. Next time you guys go gally-vanting all over the state to get unique cuisine or for any other express purpose, you let us know. If you want company, that is.