Today the kids came home from pre-school with Easter Bunny hat projects to make. Well, you know how I love doing the mom thing, so I ignored them for a while until I figured I'd ignored them about as long as they would allow (I'm not in charge, you know). So I finally cowgirled up (I don't know what that means) and located the glue and helped them make their mess. 1 minute into the project, the Littlest Moncur screamed at me for not allowing her to use the glue by herself. 2 minutes in, she quit. 5 minutes in, after a surprisingly good effort, the Bulldozer quit. I was left with a mess and two unfinished projects which I hadn't wanted to start in the first place.

So I thought to myself, Self, you know what would be really funny? If you finished these ridiculous hats and had some ridiculous pictures made of your kids ridiculously wearing the hats. Then, when they turned sixteen, you could pull out the pictures and embarrass them. This will work because they obviously enjoy wearing the ridiculous hats, as you can note from my pictures. They're happy wearing the hats, so it's not even like Ralphy in the pink bunny suit who knew enough to be wary.
The beauty of innocence and ignorance.


Chiizukeki said…
Yeah, but pretty good lookin hats.
I think you should have them wear them to church.

Shouldn't we get together at the Taco Maker in Best Valley? Its been a while.
MamaB said…
Yeah, adorable looking hats! And you've got a good idea with the blackmail pictures...I've taken a few of those myself!