I'd like to send out a sincere welcome to all my visitors from google images. For some reason I get tons of hits for the picture you see to your right. And for some reason, all the hits are from the UK or Australia. I don't know why this is, but I welcome you. Feel free to browse my blog if you want; it's pretty lame, but occasionally funny and I know you don't have anything better to do. Leave me a comment and tell me where you're from and why you were looking for a restroom picture. If you read the post below, you'll know why I was looking for it.

Yesterday at Costco I took the kids to the restroom while Dave shopped for meat. I hate shopping for meat. I hate choosing it out. It is like shopping in an electronics store, everything looks the same. Plus, I am never in the mood to eat meat, especially if I am the one who has to cook it. You can see, then, how shopping for it seems pointless.

So, the children and I are in the large handicapped stall in the restroom and I am trying to coax them to pee. Halfway to the restroom Kammy decided she didn't want to be seen with me, she just wanted her daddy. So by the time we actually got into the restroom, she'd been heckling me for at least five minutes.

When Kammy becomes agitated she always says, See, I told ya. I don't know what she means by this, since she didn't tell me anything to begin with, but I always know it means I am in big trouble with her. She is saying, I hate you, I only want Daddy, See, I told ya, I only like Daddy and Zach, not you, I don't have to go peepee, I hate you.

I think that if I had been in the next stall over I would have been laughing so hard I'd have fallen off the john.

However, being the target of this verbal abuse, I wasn't laughing so much. But I maybe would have if she had thrown her little nose in the air, which she has been known to do. It is very cute, and I am not sure I have ever seen anyone think they were so much better than me that they actually stuck their nose in the air like Kammy does. But then again, my exasperation would still probably have overshadowed the humor in the situation.

Finally, Kammy points her tiny finger at me and says, You have a baditude and I'm not in your heart anymore.

Do you guys think I have a baditude? No, don't answer that. I can't take any more abuse.


MamaB said…
Hilarious! Ah...the things kids say! Looking back on them they are so funny. (Not so funny at the time perhaps!) So Kammy is using the potty, huh? That's awesome! Kayla is doing pretty good, too. Finally. I thought she would be going to Kindergarten before we got her potty trained! Now if we could just cut out the milk before bed at night we could stop buying diapers all together! So excited!
mmoncur147 said…
You should have Dave come over and cut out the milk. He's heartless about it. I don't know who was more tramatized, me or the kids.
I for one have always enjoyed your baditude. That's what makes you, you. If she can't appreciate that, then maybe she should just grow up.
Kathy said…
Just stumbled into your blog via babies bottles and boys...she sounds A-Freaking-dorable! "Your not in my heart anymore." That's classic.