A mom's gotta scrapbook, right? I thought I'd just try this picture and see how it turned out. I do all my scrapbooking on the computer now. Then I upload the jpgs to Walmart or Costco or somewheres and have them printed as an 8X10 and then go pick them up. Then, when that process is done, I slide the 8X10 into a clear protective sleeve and snap it into a scrapbook. This is the only way to do it because there is no mess to get out or clean up. No cutting. No pasting. If something is not the right size, I change it with the click of my mouse. I drag and drop. If you don't scrapbook this way, you should consider it. If you don't scrapbook and have no interest whatsoever in this post, you should read below about my Canadian car.


Seriously...tell me how I can get down on the digi-scrapbooking. Can you print them as 12X12's too?
MamaB said…
I agree with Kristin...I have thousands of digital pictures, I just need to know what to do with them. Teach us, o wise one...! What program do you use? How much does it cost to print a picture?
mmoncur147 said…
I use a program called Scrapbook Factory that I picked up at Costco or somewheres. The thing I like about it is the realistic embellishments it has. It is nice to be able to just plug a couple pictures into a template if you don't have time to make a whole page up. I usually do two pages at a time, a spread, with one from a template or modified template. Then I duplicate it and rearrange everything, but it still matches exactly on the colors and style. I do 8X10 and they cost less than two dollars to have developed. When you add up what you would spend to have film developed and the cost of stickers, paper, embellishments, markers, scissors, stamps and ink, etc., it's actually pretty economical and very not messy. I thought it wouldn't have the same sentiment as doing it with paper, but it does and it's easier and faster. The only thing is, you still have to do it.
So I went down to the Best Buys and bought the scrapbook factory softwares. I installed it all by my self. I mostly figured out how to use it by my self. I did get some help from my sweet hubby who is smarter and more patient than me. I have now crafted my first practice page. Guess what...It is easy to use.
mmoncur147 said…
Good for you. Take a stand.