Having said what I have meant to said

So, here's the thing. My blog is located at msn. I'm not a blogger blogger. I have an ID, but whenever I log in to post a comment, it tells me my password is wrong. So I create a new ID with a new password each time I comment on your blogs. I might be up to ten IDs now. So, I thought maybe if I was an honest to goodness blogging blogger, I might have more luck blogging in, so as to post ridiculous comments on your blogs and make you feel good and also to keep in touch since, as it turns out, we are not very good at doing that.

I will move some of the content from my other blog over here or maybe make a link to it or maybe I won't do anything. It depends on how I'm feeling and how much caffeine I've had. For now, here is a poem. It's not as good as Robert's, but what do you expect from me?

Having said what I have meant to said

I cannot see a way to unhave said it.
It shimmers in an iridescent maze above my head.
It reeks off me, an unwashable stink,
that dainty stink of boldness bar
and the meaninglessness of
I have meant to said love.

Having said what I have meant to said
with my eyes, my feet, my fingers,
and all parts of my mouth save the vocal cords,
I cannot hear, not with hair or hips,
those unweighty words that left my lips
as if I’d never have meant to said at all
those weightless words you heard
so small.


MamaB said…
Hey Misty! Congrats on switching over! Glad to see you over here. I love reading your blogs!
Chiizukeki said…
Good deal good deal. You're funny, I've decided. Never knew that. I liked the blog about Green and the word "unhave". Very nice.